Sharing Romans 6:23 (Part 1)

You will share the illustration in three parts:

a) Let them read Romans 6:23 as you write it at the top of the page. (Draw the two cliffs as shown). 

b) Underline wages and write it as shown. Ask, “How would you define wages?”- “That’s right it is something earned (or a payment) 

c) Underline sin and write between cliffs. Ask “How many people do you think have sinned?” 

”That’s right, we all have.” ”What does it say we earn because of our sin?” 

d) Underline death and write it. Tell them: “This is talking not about a physical death but a spiritual death. Because we all have sinned yet haven’t physically died.” “What do you think spiritual death is?” Explain that spiritual death is separation from God. It is both separation here on earth and eternal separation if we die. What do you think it’s like to be separated from God? 

e) Write man on one cliff and God on the other and use it to show the separation because God is Holy and we are sinful. Ask if that makes sense or if they have any questions.

 OBJECTIVE for PART 1: Help them understand that they are sinful and separated from God. 

Sharing Romans 6:23 (Part 2)

a) Underline gift and write it as shown. Ask, “What’s the difference between a gift and a wage?” “That’s right a gift isn’t earned, but a wage is.” “What does it say the gift of God is?” 

b) Underline eternal life and write it. Ask, “If death is separation from God and Eternal life is the opposite, what would Eternal life be?” Explain that it is a relationship with God that will last forever. Contrast this gift with what we have earned for ourselves. Ask, “Who is this eternal life in?” ”That is right, in Christ.” 

c) Underline Christ Jesus and ask, “What do you know about Jesus?” Hear them out and agree 

  • Lived: Jesus lived a sinless life that we couldn’t live. 
  • Died: the death that we earned for our sins. 
  • Rose: from the grave in order to save us from our sin (cross through sin)

He did this so we might have Eternal life because our sin was keeping us from God. Ask if that makes sense or if they have questions.

OBJECTIVE FOR PART 2: Help them see that God offers us eternal life as a free gift because Christ paid the penalty for our sins. 

Sharing Romans 6:23 (Part 3)

a) After going over the cross, ask the person, “How does someone receive the gift of eternal life?” Underline Lord and ask, “How would you define Lord?” That’s right, a Lord, is like a King, ruler, has power (whatever they say). 

b) Ask them, “What do you think it means for Jesus to be our Lord?” Explain for someone to receive this gift there are two things they must do.

  • Turn: From a self-directed life where they are king
  • Trust: Jesus to be their King. By not just believing this in their mind but having Faith that Jesus is God and that he came to save 

When it comes to this decision there are typically 3 types of people…

3 Types of people who consider the decision

  • 1st person – Opposed person: Someone who is not interested in following Jesus or knowing more about him. 
  • 2nd person – Open person: Someone who is interested in Jesus and wants to learn more but hasn’t made the decision to make him Lord (if you think they are this person, try to say things that relate to where they are at). 
  • 3rd person- A follower of Christ: Someone who has accepted the gift and has given their life to Jesus as Lord over their life. They are living for God not themselves. 

Key point:

There is no middle or hovering between #2 and #3. A person either fully believes all of this, has trusted Christ and is living for him or they haven’t.

Key questions: 

  1. Which person would you say that you are (and wait for them to respond) 
  2. Why would you put yourself there?
  • For 1st person: Ask them what they have the hardest time believing. 
  • For 2nd person: Ask them what is holding them back from giving their life to Jesus and trusting him. 
  • For 3rd person: Ask them when they gave their life to Jesus and what he has done in them. 

If person is 1 or 2: You must finish by asking them the golden question. “Would you like to place your trust in Christ today?” 

OBJECTIVE FOR PART 3: Help them see that they need to individually place their trust in Christ and to tell them how. You must close the deal by asking, “Would you like to place your trust in Christ?”