Repent & Believe

LOOK BACK (1/3 of your time)


Share a meal, or refreshment. Go around the group and introduce yourselves and talk through a “Get to know you” question.


  1. How did you obey?
  2. Who did you train?
  3. Did You share your story, or God's story with anyone?

Share the Simple Church Vision using the handout (click here for pdf)

LOOK UP (1/3 of your time)

Read Acts 2:36-47 to cast vision for being church together.

Read The Command: In Matt 4:17, Jesus says…

Tell The Story: The Sinful Woman from Luke 7:36-50

Retell the story together from Luke 7:36-50.

Read the story aloud from Luke 7:36-50.


Pray then use the Sword Bible Study Method to discuss the story and reveal its meaning for our lives.


Practice retelling the story or the 3-Circles.

Explore More:

  1. What does “Repent” mean? Repent means turning from sin and following Jesus.
  2. What does “Believe” mean? Believe means choosing to trust Jesus as Lord.
  3. Why should we repent? Read Romans 3:23; 6:23; 10:9
  4. Who should repent? Acts 2:38-41 - Everyone must repent for forgiveness.
  5. What is assurance? 1 John 1:9 says when we confess our sins, He is faithful to forgive us John 10:28 says our salvation belongs to Jesus.

LOOK Forward (1/3 of your time)

OBEY - TRAIN - SHARE (never skip)

Have everyone in the group pray for the spirit to show them how to answer these questions, then make commitments, write the commitments down and share commitments with the group each week.

  1. How will you obey this passage?
  2. With who will you share your story or God's story with?


Pray and ask God to prepare the hearts of the people who will be hearing about Jesus this week. Ask him to give you the strength to be obedient to your commitments.